Advantage Events 2018

Our biggest teambuildings for 2018 are locked in and we have yet another varied Advantage program to look forward to! Check out what's in store for you next year. Please keep in mind that teambuilding dates can be changed ahead of signup.

Wintertrip to Åre

Åre is a small town in Sweden with approximately 1400 inhabitants. The place is a famous mecca for ski and winter sport enthusiasts, and is the nordic region's largest ski resort. In the winter time, skiing is the main focus in the town, and one can rent alpine and cross-country skis. If you want to experience other activities during our weekend stay, we have the opportunity to try dog sledding, snow scooter trips, snowshoe hiking and test our driving skills on ice.

Åre is located in Jämtland, Sweden, only 2 hours drive from Trondheim Airport in Værnes.


  • May 25-27 
  • Open for Omega employees with guest
  • 95 000 Advantage points
  • Hotel San Marco
  • Signup opens September 6 at 22:00 CET

Lucca is a beautiful, old town in Tuscany with narrow cobblestoned streets and limited car traffic. Here we find cozy trattorias, cafes and specialty shops everywhere.

The Lucca city center is surrounded by an impressive  4.2 km city wall. You can take a bike ride or a stroll on top of the wall.

Walking around Lucca's streets is like being in a movie where almost everything seems to be set hundreds of years back in time. The city has 99 churches, and if you take a walk in the city's tallest tower - Torre Guinigi - you can see the city from above.


  • June 1-3 
  • Open for Omega employees with guest
  • 105 000 Advantage points
  • Splendid Hotel and Spa Nice
  • Signup opens September 13 at 22:00 CET

Nice is called "Nice la Belle" which means "Nice the beautiful". The town is very close to the semi-circular bay of Baie des Anges, at the foot of the southernmost expatriates of the Alps. Along the beach is the magnificent Promenade des Anglais with many luxury hotels and casinos. The old town in the east has narrow and crooked streets where there is a bustling public life during summer evenings. During our weekend there we have the opportunity to explore the city by bike or take a walk a little bit out of the ordinary through Nice. Saturday afternoon there will be excursion and dinner in Monaco.

Faroe islands

  • June 8-10 
  • Open for Omega employees with guest
  • 105 000 Advantage points
  • Hotel Hafnia
  • Signup opens September 20 at 22:00 CET

The Faroe Islands is an archipelago in the northern Atlantic, between Scotland and Iceland and is located approximately 600 kilometers west of Bergen. Nowhere in the Faroe Islands are you farther than 5 kilometers from the sea, and wherever you are, you have views to several of the 340 mountain peaks. 17 of the 18 islands are available, and six of the islands are connected by bridges or tunnels. We will experience the green cliff Islands, which the Vikings fell in love with more than a thousand years ago, when they settled there and built a society from scratch, a society today filled by hospitable people.

There is a trip to Vestmanna by boat that sails close to the towering cliffs and into caves. We also visit the northernmost village of Østerø and climb the Faroe Islands highest mountain, Slättartindur, or visit Gjog and walk along the nature harbor.


  • August 31- September 2 
  • Open for Omega employees with guest
  • 95 000 Advantage points
  • The Castle Hotel
  • Signup opens October 4. at 22:00 CET

Windsor is a small town in Berkshire, England. It is located southwest of London and south of the River Thames. Windsor is most famous for Windsor Castle, one of the British royal family's official residences. The city of Eton is located right in front of Windsor, and is connected to Windsor via a bridge over the River Thames. It was previously open to car traffic but is now only for pedestrians and has thus created a good walkway between Windsor city center and Eton's main street. It only takes 15 minutes to drive from Heathrow Airport to Windsor. During the weekend there will be a river cruise and tour of Windsor Castle. There are also opportunities for riding and cycling in the large park around Windsor Castle.

Christmas trip to Røros

  • December 7-9 
  • Open for Omega employees with guest
  • 75 000 Advantage points
  • Vertshuset Røros
  • Signup opens October 25 at 22:00 CET

Røros is a municipality and mountain town in Sør-Trøndelag, Norway. A visit to Røros is like stepping into an adventure and getting a glimpse of the past. Røros is also called the "local food capital" because the selection of locally produced food is so great.

The Christmas market in Røros has become a famous market all over the country, and a popular destination the second weekend in advent. The Christmas market that started at Fjellheimen in 2008 has grown with the years and now has approximately 60 exhibitors. Still, they have managed to preserve the cozy charm of the market and the place will fill you with the holiday atmosphere. 

We get to experience a trip by horse and sledge, guided tours in the copper works, and beer tasting. During the weekend we will taste many local dishes.