"With our newly-launched Appframe R4 platform, our systems team have exciting times ahead of them in America. The possibilities for growth in this region has never been greater.” With this message, Product Manager, Johnny Vik, opened Omega’s third AppEd USA conference this weekend for our systems developers from Houston and Calgary.

"I was here with Kjell Åge Iversen ten years ago. We were here to establish Omega in the US and to get Pims out into the American market. Back then, Omega had just passed one hundred employees and it was another three years before we would release Appframe R2. Now, we are more than one thousand team members, equipped with Appframe R4 and an incredibly skilled group of systems developers. This combination is the perfect platform for further expansion. It will be exciting to see what this AppEd conference looks like ten years from now.”


Product Manager Johnny Vik introduced Appframe R4 for Omega's American systems teams on AppEd 2012 in Dallas.

Johnny Vik opened this year’s systems conference with a look back at Omega's journey in the US thus far, before directing the focus of attendees to the new generation of Appframe.

A project for the future

The main focus of this year’s AppEd conferences, both in Norway (4 – 6 October) and in Dallas (1 – 4 November) has been Omega’s new technology platform, Appframe R4 . This is the latest version of our own framework, developed inhouse and faster, more modern, more user friendly and more developer-friendly than ever before.

The development of Appframe R4 has been an extremely ambitious and somewhat scary project, Vik admitted during his keynote.

"We have developed everything ourselves, and Appframe R4 is built to last, with a horizon of five to ten years. Now, we have the opportunity to work faster than ever. With R4 we are able to do upgrades in just a few minutes, while the user is still working. This was work that previously could take days and was very demanding. Being able to upgrade more efficiently is becoming more and more important to our clients. Appframe R4 is the future.”

More clients

This is the third time Omega PS Houston has hosted AppEd in the USA. The region is now better equipped for expansion in the systems world than ever before and is also supported by Omega Jobs , the personnel branch of Omega's business, Vik points out.

Omega's unique combination of systems and personnel has proved a winning combination in Norway, with one of our business sectors often creating inroads into new projects and the other thereafter filling newly-identified client needs.

“With the help of our increasing efforts in the consultant sector here in the US , the systems side of Omega Houston also has many new and exciting clients waiting in the wings. Building a Consultant Management department here is very important for the systems side of Omega as well. Our consultants are ambassadors who often uncover new opportunities and potential clients. An open dialogue with experts within Omega's various job disciplines such as Project Management, Engineering, Commissioning and Document Control has been invaluable to us in Norway and will mean a lot over here as well”.

Published: 09.11.12