Lisbon Teambuilding 2013

Stunning Lisbon welcomed the Omega team and did not dissapoint!

This was Omega'sbiggest teambuilding of 2013 and as we arrived in Portugal, so did summer. Take a glimpse at the wide-range of exciting activities that made our weekend in Lisbon a great success.


  • City sightseeing in sunny Lisbon B
  • Wine tasting in Almocageme,located in one of the country's oldest wine regions
  • Jeep outing to Sintra mountain

Professional Highlights

  • Foredrag: Omega i 2013
  • Omega-gründer om suksesshistorien
  • Medarbeidere fra over 13 kunder representert
  • Medarbeidere fra mer enn 11 lokasjoner (Norge og internasjonalt)representerte

Published: 30.07.2013