13 Omega team members. 15 kilometers. 18 military obstacles. Tons of mud. An Omega teambuilding has probably never been as dirty or collaborative as this. Check out the photos from our muddiest teambuilding of the year. 

Published: 11.07.13

Rule one of Mud Run: Get Muddy.  Rule two of Mud Run: Cooperate.With these rules in mind, the Omega team conquered the course with flying colors. Only two members of the Omega team had previously embarked on the run and knew what awaited the rest of their colleagues as they approached the starting line on  25  May this year. 

"I did the Mud Run last year and knew this would be a perfect teambuilding for Omega: it's active, it's teamwork, it's guaranteed fun, and it's definitely not something you get to do every day,"  says Jan Christian Brataas, who took on the task of recruiting participants for the Mud Run. With a fifteen-kilometer stretch drenched in mud and water and many obstacles to climb, the course challenged all members of the team, including experienced marathon runners.

“I can’t wait for Omega to offer this to the people back home," says native Norwegian Brataas. As for the Mud Run first timers, expectations were almost as high as the climbs that lay ahead of them on the course.

“I hadn’t done much exercise in advance, nor had I tried anything challenging like this in quite a while. I was ready for some craziness and the Mud Run seemed to be just the challenge for that,” says Mary Wang, a System Engineer at Omega PS Houston. The Omega team operated in two groups and team members were encouraged to cooperate during the run, giving each other a hand if the obstacles got too tricky. 

“I felt my legs get pretty heavy after a few minutes, but the teamwork kept me going, even when I, scared of heights and not very fond of water, found myself standing on top of a huge trailer, preparing to dive into deep mud. The people behind me climbed up and jumped in, one after the other, while I stood there, thinking I could not make it. My team cheered me on and provided solutions to all of my high-diving concerns, until I no longer had a choice...and I dived right in,” Wang says.

"I don't think I'll need that much persuading before diving in next year. It was very cool. Muddy cool."

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