Latest news

Omega enters into new Pims contract with Bane NOR

Omega's project management tool, Pims, will be utilized for completion and risk management on Bane NOR projects in 2018.


Whistleblowing in Omega

Blameworthy conditions in the work place should always be notified, and Omega's policy for whistleblowing will ensure proper proceedings and follow-up


Statsbygg strengthening work for a trustworthy construction sector

Statsbygg has entered into a contract with Omega AS. The IT system, HMSREG, will strengthen their work to ensure a more serious construction sector.


Increased activity in Bergen

Omega's Branch Office in Bergen is now experiencing increased activity within the oil and gas sector.


Donating $15 500 to hurricane victims in Houston

Hurricane Harvey left massive destructions in the US, and among the affected places are Houston where Omega has a branch office. Omega is now donating $15 500 to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund after running a fundraiser for employees for the past two weeks.


Omega keeps position as second largest Norwegian software company

Omega has been ranked as the second largest software company in Norway again, according to Norwegian Finance Magazine, Kapital, on their list of the hundred biggest organizations in the country.


Holiday houses opening for booking

The cabins and holiday houses in Sirdalen, Hemsedal, Hovden, and on Bømlo now opening for a new season.


Fundraising for Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Join Omega in showing your support to those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Omega is starting a fundraiser and is donating a start contribution of $10 000 to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.


Builds new center of IT expertise

Based on 25 years’ experience from system development of project management systems, Omega takes a new step into the IT industry. Now, Omega is building its own center of IT expertise.


Omega enters into Statoil frame agreement for IT Personnel

The frame agreement takes effect on 1 September. Omega will deliver IT resources for needs not already covered by existing agreements.


Sykehusbygg and Veidekke are testing new tools in the struggle for a more serious construction industry

On behalf of Sykehusbygg HF, Veidekke Entreprenør is well underway with the construction of a new psychiatry building for Helse Nord-Trøndelag, Levanger Hospital. Sykehusbygg and Veidekke will in this project try out a new tool to ensure good follow-up of all suppliers in the project.


The new Omega building

The construction work started at Omega's headquarters in Ølensvåg in February. The three-storey building is set to be completed by Christmas. Take a look at the building process.


Omega to deliver solutions to Maersk Oil’s Culzean project

Omega has entered into agreements with Maersk Oil North Sea UK Ltd for the delivery of specialists and systems for hookup and commissioning on the platforms for the Culzean project. Omega will contribute expertise within preparation, planning and commissioning of the hookup phase.


Omega reaches 1000 employees

Omega has increased its number of employees with more than 120 during the past months. This week, we reached the 1000 employee milestone again. After some challenging years, things are looking brighter for the activity within the consultant and software business.


Securing against cyber attacks

Omega was not affected by the recent international cyber attack, WannaCry, due to preventative measures that were put in place for IT security. Department Manager for Omega’s IT and Infrastructure Department, Jan Christian Brataas, encourages users to take simple, precautionary measures to protect their machine from potential future attacks.


The construction industry chooses Omega system

Omega’s HMSREG system can become an important tool for assuring seriousness in the construction sector, says Skanska, AF Gruppen and Veidekke. All three companies are now testing the system for use on their construction projects in Norway.


Cycle to Work campaign 2017!

You can now register for the Cycle to Work campaign 2017! Register the days you cycle or walk to work and earn Advantage points for your efforts.


OMV planning for Wisting with Pims Software

OMV Norway has started to plan for the Wisting field, in the Barents Sea, which may host the company’s first development project as an operator on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Omega’s Pims Software has already been utilized as a project management system in the planning phase, in order to ensure preparedness for the wider project.


Omega gets prolonged agreement with Wintershall

Omega as will deliver consultancy services to Wintershall’s projects in Norway after a prolonged frame agreement.


New Omega building for Christmas

In a few weeks, construction work will start at Omega headquarters in Ølensvåg, where a new, three-storey building will be erected in time for Christmas.


Together for Selma

In February, Oslo Municipality held a seminar where they presented their new digital tool delivered by Omega to combat work-related crime and social dumping. Read about how the tool is already showing results.


Sykehusbygg goes for Omega’s Pims system

Omega takes a new step into the public sector and is awarded a frame agreement with Sykehusbygg. The project management tool, Pims, is now being adapted to use on building projects in the healthcare sector across the country.


Statsbygg digitize with tools from Omega

As Omega enters the construction sector, the construction sector is looking into digitization. During 2017, Statsbygg will utilize digital tools from Omega on two of their largest construction projects.


Statsbygg introduces new digital tool

Statsbygg are using a new digital tool for systematic completion. This will make the everyday work of entrepreneurs and Construction Managers easier.


Omega assessing welfare technology in the Haugaland region

IT Architects from Omega are assessing healthcare systems to strengthen the services within welfare technology. The company recently signed a contract with Haugaland Vekst IKS.


Systematic completion and object-based follow-up

Omega AS and Pims Completion Management System (CMS) on print in Sikkerhetsmagasinet 2 2016. Read about how the software reduces project costs and increases efficiency for follow-up of nonconformities on Jernbaneverkets' railway project, The Follo Line project.


Aker BP awards new frame agreement to Omega

Omega will provide consultancy services to Aker BP ASA’s projects, for the next three years.


New contracts and co-workers in Omega Areal

Omega Areal signed several, new frame agreements and hired four new employees this fall; the biggest contract was signed with AF Group that won the contract for the building of the new home-care facility in Etne.


Omega ranked second largest software company in Norway

Omega has been ranked as the second largest software company in Norway, according to Norwegian Finance Magazine, Kapital, and its list of the hundred biggest organizations in the country.


Omega Alliance to provide consultants to AS Norske Shell

The alliance will provide consultancy services within technical and project-management disciplines for the next three years.


Developing system to prevent work-related crime for Oslo municipality

Omega has offered its services to the public sector and is now developing a system to prevent work-related crime and social dumping for Oslo municipality.


Omega awarded frame agreement with Technip Norge AS

Omega will provide consultant services to Technip Norge AS for the next two years.


Ready for Pims User Conference in September

Omega’s Norwegian Pims User Conference will take place in Stavanger, Norway, this fall.


Supplying personnel to Hydro’s pilot project on Karmøy

Omega will deliver personnel to the Karmøy Pilot – Hydro’s full scale pilot facility for energy and climate efficient aluminum production. The investments on the Karmøy pilot is one of the largest investments in onshore projects outside the oil and gas sector in a decade.


Assisting Haugaland Kraft with IT strategy

Omega IT Architects will assist Haugaland Kraft in developing the company's new IT strategy. Haugaland Kraft has been through, and is undergoing, big changes. The new IT strategy will help to draw attention to everything that must be done by specifying objectives and presenting a plan to achieve them.


HSE: Tips for a nice, safe and environmentally friendly midsummer celebration!

Midsummer celebration is a lovely traditional norwegian celebration with bonfires, games, and socializing. Today, bonfires will be burned across the country, especially along the coast.


Strengthening Subsurface competency

Omega is advancing into new market segments and has won contracts with leading companies in the Norwegian energy industry. We are now looking to strengthen our depth of competency within the Subsurface area.


HSE: Tips for road traffic safety

June, and the final month of our Cycle to Work campaign, is upon us! The campaign continues until 24 June. Also in regard to activity campaigns, safety always comes first at Omega and we therefore want to remind you of a few simple HSE tips to keep in mind as you travel by bike or car.


Two new years with Apply Sørco

Omega has been awarded an extended frame agreement with Apply Sørco and will supply engineering services to all disciplines within engineering and project support.


25 on an adventure in the adventurous Kautokeino

The Teambuilding trip to Kautokeino became a great experience and a memory for life with sami temperament, culture, traditions and nature experiences.


Providing Sporveien Oslo with Consultancy Services

Omega has been awarded a frame agreement with Sporveien Oslo AS, and will deliver consultancy services the next two years.


Omega secures frame agreement with Siemens

Omega has signed a frame agreement with technology giant, Siemens AS, and will deliver consultancy services to Siemens' projects across sectors including oil and gas, wind power and construction.


Omega Alliance to deliver consultants to Statoil

The alliance will provide consultancy services within technical and project-management disciplines for the next four years.


Omega in the local newspaper Grannar

Read about Omega in Grannar, the local newspaper for the Etne and Vindafjord region. The article focuses on how Omega has prepared for a downturn in the market, and the strategy for future development.


New frame agreement with Lundin

Lundin has awarded Omega a new consultancy services frame agreement.


Omega featured in the Norwegian newspaper, Finansavisen

Read the article in the Norwegian newspaper, Finansavisen, about Omega and the strategy the company is utilizing in order to survive the stagnant oil market. The article appeared in the newspaper, Monday 21.03.16.


New clients within the banking and energy sectors

Omega IT Consultants (Omega ITC) are taking further steps into a new segment of the market. They newly signed frame agreements with The Norwegian State Housing Bank and BKK.


Two more years with Jernbaneverket

Jernbaneverket (The Norwegian National Rail Authority) has extended its existing frame agreement with Omega; this extension will bring with it new assignments for Omega consultants on all of Jernbaneverket’s infrastructure projects in Norway.


Engineering services to Suldal Municipality

Omega Areal will be providing engineering services in maintenance and construction of new schools, sports- , health care- , and municipal facilities in Suldal.


HSE: Can you be more active?

Your body is built for varied movements, see how much you can do in 30 minutes.


HSE: Arriving at an accident site

Knowing what to do at the site of an accident before the first responders arrive may be crucial for the outcome of the situation. What do you do if you are the first person to arrive at the site where a car crash occurred?


HSE: E-learning on Connect

Through Omega's e-learning portal on Connect, all employees have the opportunity to undertake courses in basic industrial HSE and receive Advantage points for their efforts.


Secured frame agreements with Helse Fonna

Having signed two new and exclusive frame agreements with Helse Fonna at the end of 2015, Omega Areal is set to deliver architectural and engineering services within building technology for the public healthcare provider.


HSE: The dangers of phone charging

Mobile phones, tablets and laptops that are set to charge through the night can quickly become fire hazards due to overheating.


Christmas gift enabling growth

In keeping with Omega tradition, our Christmas gift this year goes to those who really need it. For the second year in a row, the Omega team will contribute to helping women in the poor and embattled Congo.


HSE: Safety tips in the Christmas traffic

Christmas is approaching and with it comes holiday excursions and festivities at home. Enjoy Christmas time, but also remember that it is a peak season for accidents, both at home and on the roads.


HSE: Candlelight

For most of us, Christmas without candles is unthinkable! It is common knowledge that you do not leave lit candles unattended, but it is also important to remember to follow some basic principles when you are at home.


HSE: Electric Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are beautiful, however, with more and more lights, different uses and creative solutions, we encourage all of our employees to be extra cautious in the next few weeks.


HSE: Test of smoke detectors

Smoke detectors save lives. If there is a fire in your home, having a well-functioning smoke detector will give you more time to vacate the house.


HSE: See and be seen

Fall has arrived in Norway and, for Omega’s many employees in the Far North, the nights are getting darker and visibility on the roads is becoming more challenging.


Holiday Houses opening for a new season

Flekkerøya cabin, Bømlo cabin and Hemsedal cabin will all open for a new season Wednesday, November 11 at 22:00 CET.


Better meetings with Teamnotes

One of today’s biggest time thieves are meetings, according to Norwegian business leaders. Teams and organizations are also complaining of wasted time and money due to unnecessarily long meetings. Teamnotes is Omega’s contribution to improve meetings.


Welcome to Humber Valley Resort, Canada

Through our Advantage program, we are now offering a new Holiday House located at the Humber Valley Resort in Newfoundland, Canada. See more information about the new house here!


Our emergency support insurance with the Norwegian Church Abroad

Did you know you have an extra "support" insurance in Omega? If an accident happens or you fall ill when traveling abroad, the Norwegian Church Abroad can help with areas that a regular insurance does not cover.


Among Norway’s three major software companies

Omega has yet again secured a top spot in the Norwegian newspaper, Kapital’s, annual ranking of the largest national software companies.


Omega System to all Statoil projects

For more than 20 years, Statoil has utilized Omega’s project management systems. The oil and gas company has now opted to expand their use of our document control system to all projects across Norway, as well as many international projects; this decision will result in thousands of new users for Pims.


Omega awarded frame agreement with Talisman Energy Norge AS

Omega has been awarded a frame agreement with Talisman Energy Norge AS, and will deliver personnel to their projects. The agreement includes services within subsurface and drilling, engineering and project services, and administrative services.


Up for final exam with Edvard Grieg

In 2011 Swedish oil company Lundin was preparing for their largest development project on the Norwegian shelf. The Edvard Grieg project would require both solid systems and experienced personnel, and the relatively new operator needed expertise. They called Omega.


Australian companies focusing on Omnicom

Omega’s office in Perth recently facilitated a discussion forum where users of the Omnicom system were invited to discuss their user experiences.


Delivering global pims package for Maersk Oil

Several of Omega’s Pims modules have for years been utilized on Maersk Oil’s projects worldwide. The international conglomerate will now run ten Pims modules simultaneously, and will start to implement the software systems in their projects stretching across borders.


Welcome to the Florida Pines House

Our Florida Pines House has everything you need to enjoy a relaxing family vacation.


Omega’s nerve center under the microscope

MarketMaker is the core administrative system for the Omega group and plays a key role in ensuring efficient operations; a project group has now formed to assess and enhance the system to better fit our business model and work processes.


Omega joins the health care sector

Omega’s push toward new segments of the market has paid off; a newly signed frame agreement regarding the delivery of consultancy services to Helse Vest IKT and Nasjonal IKT is part strengthening the company’s new role as a supplier in the health care sector.


Omega Subsea establishes subsidiary in Aberdeen

In April, Alistair McKee was employed in Omega Subsea with the aim of establishing a Subsea subsidiary in the UK. On Monday 1 June, he opened the doors to Omega Subsea UK in the Crichiebank Business Centre in Aberdeen, Scotland.


Local and international design with Omega

With Omega as its new majority shareholder and active owner, the Filter organization has expanded its services and moved to a new office location in Ølensvåg.


Omega Houston hits 100

Omega Houston continues to grow. Over the past year, the number of consultants has more than doubled. Recently, Omega’s team in Houston reached 100 employees for the first time


More than 10 years with Subsea 7

For more than 10 years, Omega has had consultants on assignment for Subsea 7, via individual contracts. Omega’s cooperation with Subsea 7 will continue indefinitely following the signing of a new framework agreement.


Omega awarded renewed agreement with Aibel

Omega has been awarded a three-year frame agreement with Aibel for the provision of personnel.


First step with Ruter

IT consultants from Omega are ready to embark on assignments regarding Oslo's public transportation system; Omega IT Consultants was recently awarded a frame agreement with the administrative company, Ruter.


Set to cycle for the fifth time

In Omega, the Cycle to Work campaign starts on Monday, April 27, and as she has in previous years, Sølvi Grindheim Stople is standing ready on the starting line.


Cycle to Work Campaign 2015

You can now register for the Cycle to work campaign 2015! Register all the days you walk or cycle to work and earn Advantage points for your efforts.


Karina hands out 500 litres of windshield washer fluid

HSEQ manager in Omega, Karina Hovden Stava ensures her colleagues travel safely to the mountains and send them off with windshield washer fluid as an Easter holiday greeting this year.


TAP chooses Pims Document Control

TAP AG has made the decision to utilize Pims Document Control for technical and administrative documentation in the Trans Adriatic Pipeline project and throughout the continued development of the operation.


Styrer jobben og livet med én hånd

Ronny Stange er en helt vanlig 32-åring. Har full jobb i Omega og er interessert i fotball, data, musikk, reiser og damer. Det uvanlige er at han må ha assistent døgnet rundt.


Omega expands in Canada

Omega has entered into a partnership with Canadian firm NSB Energy and has expanded the consulting business with 125 employees in Canada. The partnership will provide our two companies with greater access to the global market.


Goliat set to leave Korea

On Tuesday 3 February, the Goliat platform was towed onboard the world’s largest heavy-duty transportation ship, Dockwise Vanguard. The ship, and Goliat, will soon embark on a journey around Africa and on to Hammerfest and the Goliat field; the trip is expected to take approximately two months.


Discount on all services from Omega Areal

Employees and hired personnel in Omega and all of Omega’s sub-companies receive a 10 % discount on all Omega Areal services. Jan Christian Brataas has taken advantage of this offer.


Our first employee at Haugaland Kraft

Olav Nes embarked on the New Year with a new assignment as a consultant in the technical customer service department at Haugaland Kraft. He is also Omega’s first consultant working for the local energy company on Haugalandet.


Gassnova goes for Pims Risk

In January, Omega signed an agreement with Gassnova concerning the delivery of the risk control system Pims Risk. The agreement entails the purchase of the software as well as license for an unlimited number of users.


Pims to pharmaceutical giant

Pims has entered a new market; one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, Novo Nordisk, started utilizing Pims for project control on 1 January 2015.


Statoil chose Pims Document Control

Statoil has chosen to utilize Pims Document Control in connection with the review of technical documentation for the Johan Sverdrup project.


Increasing levels of competency with Advantage

Did you know that your Advantage points can be used for increasing levels of competency?


Upgrading the Pims Risk Management tool

Omega's Pims Risk team of Arild Røksund and Sigurd Bell, have been busy improving their Risk Management product, and Statoil reports that they are ready to roll out the result of the new version.


Grannar Christmas 2014

Read the article "A helping hand from a local company" about Omega's community projects, in local news paper Grannar


Endrer navn til Omega IT-arkitekter

Omega IT-arkitekter (Omega IT architects) is the new name for the part of Omega's business previously known as Omega IT-ledelse. The decision to change the name is based on a desire to present a name that more accurately describes the services the team offers.


Topping the list in Houston

Omega Project Solutions is a recurring name on the business top lists in Houston. They were recently ranked one of the best places to work in one of the biggest daily newspapers in Texas, the Houston Chronicle.


Christmas gift to Care

This year our Christmas Gift is earmarked girls and women in Congo. NOK 500 000 goes to Care and their savings and loan-banks for poor women and their families.


A compassionate co-worker

This article about Omega employee Haldis Særstens’ project in Cambodia is written by communications advisor, Ingvar Solberg, from Det Norske, and was first published on their intranet.


Akan in Omega

For those experiencing that a colleague is having difficulties with substance abuse and gambling addiction, it can be very hard to know what to do to help.