Leading digitization

«Every» company is now digitizing, but for many of them it is difficult to know where to start. «They need more than just knowledge about digitization, they also need someone who can incorporate the process with business improvements and value creation.»

says Kine Johanne Årdal, one of the newest consultants in Omega. She started on assignment for Omega in Aker BP in October 2017, and is working with the oil company’s digitization transition. Årdal has worked for companies like Chevron, Spring Energy, and Tullow, and is a petroleum geologist who have taken the steps further with data analysis, visualization and digitization. 

«Aker BP are very forward-leaning and have a clear vision on how to digitize their operations for the next five years. The strategy for the digital move is developed in close relation to improvement strategies and value creation, which is an important combination. Digitization in the business world is not just about technological solutions; it is important to understand the overall picture of the company, and in this way, improve and give space for the development of digital competency,» says Årdal.

Requests ticking in

It is this expertise that is part of the major focus areas for Omega’s new IT expertise center, which was launched in September 2017. Omega will through the new endeavor, deliver services within cloud technology, IT project management, IT consulting, programming and business intelligence and analytics.

Omega’s IT center has already gained a foothold with companies within a broad specter of sectors.

«We have received good feedback on our new IT center and are receiving a lot of requests. There are many companies that now want to take the step into cloud-based services, digitization and new, secure IT strategies. These are areas that a majority of the companies need specialized competency to complete, and this is something that Omega can offer through the new IT center,» says Department Manager, Jan Christian Brataas in Omega.

During the past couple of months Omega’s IT consultants have gone on assignment for a range of companies in a broad specter of sectors.

Securing the process

To combine digitization with domain knowledge and business understanding is becoming more important, especially with established companies that are changing and rigging for making use of the newest technology, thinks Årdal.

«Companies need someone who can secure the digitization process, look at the business model based on new technologies and find concrete areas that they can start to improve. There is a major need for this in the market today, and I believe the requests for the right competency will increase in the time that comes,» says Årdal.

As a consultant with Aker BP, she works with the development of the future field, which will be unmanned, remotely controlled and without emissions. The work towards this vision contains the four digital focus areas which include advanced analysis, robot technology and automation, digital competency and new platforms for interaction, Årdal explains.

«Technology is moving fast, and radical changes are happening. Companies have large data amounts that need to be handled, at the same time integration with different systems are underway, and it is important to have steps for learning and adjustment. We work with a five-year perspective for the digitalization process. It is therefore important that we always keep value creation in mind for every small technological step we take towards the big digital ambition.»