Increased activity in Bergen

Omega's Branch Office in Bergen is now experiencing increased activity within the oil and gas sector and have for the past couple of months delivered qualified personnel on existing frame agreements.

The combination of qualified candidates and requests at the right time has enabled the Department Managers at the branch office in Bergen to cater to the clients' needs. During the downturn in the Norwegian and international oil market, Omega has managed to maintain the frame agreements with the bigger clients in the sector. These agreements are now some of the contracts that the office in Bergen delivers the most personnel to. The Department Managers in Omega's consultancy business, Omega CS, have also worked hard to take care of the consultants that are already in the Omega system. 

"We have many good candidates with quality competence in our system that are loyal to Omega.This enables us to get them out on assignment as soon as we receive requests through our agreements," says Department Manager at the branch office in Bergen, Kari Bauer Sandal. 

Department Managers, Vibeke Monsen Snarberg (to the left) and Kari B. Sandal are excited to see the increased activity within the oil and gas sector in Bergen.  

The past couple of years have been challenging for the oil industry, but the Department Managers at Omega's office in Bergen are now experiencing an industry that has adapted to the market, and expect a moderate upturn for the sector. 2018,2019, and 2020 looks promising, they say.

"We are now experiencing a strong, new optimism in the sector and the market. It looks promising for several of the larger oil and supplier companies that we have frame agreements with," explains Department Manager, Vibeke Monsen Snarberg. 

However, Snarberg also points out that Omega is constantly seeking competent candidates. 

"We are always looking for candidates with a solid background and competency either as a discipline specialist or manager. We see a further need within the disciplines of automation, electrical, mechanical, piping and structure. We want to welcome applicants that have bachelor degrees and a couple of years' experience!

Omega's Jobs Portal contains an overview of all open positions at Omega, with currently around 53 positions on locations worldwide. The positions vary from week to week, and the Department Managers encourage those who cannot find a position at this moment, to subscribe to Job Alerts for the disciplines they are interested in. 

"We have consultants that do a great job; not just on assignment for the client, but they inform others in their network about Omega, and we get the opportunity to get even more qualified candidates out on assignment," Sandal explains.