New clients within the banking and energy sectors

Omega IT Consultants (Omega ITC) are taking further steps into a new segment of the market. They newly signed frame agreements with The Norwegian State Housing Bank and BKK.

From a leading position within oil and gas, Omega has expanded into new segments of the market such as public agencies, the power industry, shipping industry, railway, industry, and mining. Omega ITC, delivering consulting services within a broad specter of IT areas to the oil, gas and energy market, and the transportation and healthcare sectors, will administer the agreements for Omega. 

“We are very happy to be considered a qualified supplier by our new clients, and we see this an indication that Omega can compete with the best, also in new segments of the market and outside the oil and gas industry where we have had a leading position for many years," says a happy Department Manager in Omega ITC, Kjetil Løvaas.

Option to extend for four additional years

Both The Norwegian State House Bank and BKK have chosen to enter into frame agreements with several suppliers, which will compete for positions and assignments in the coming years.

“This is when it all starts,” comments Løvaas.

“The Norwegian State Housing Bank has awarded us a two year agreement with the option of extending for another 1 + 1 year. The agreement with BKK stretches for one year, but with the option of extending for three times one year. The Norwegian State Housing Bank has indicated a need for consulting services in relation to a modernization program they are running, which they seek to simplify in order to make the bank’s customer services more efficient. BKK is seeking personnel in relation to development assignments, project work, and operations and advising within ICT," says the Department Manager.

Omega ITC entered the frame agreement with The Norwegian State Housing Bank in cooperation with Combitech AS – a leading supplier of services within system development, system integration, community security and information security.

Senior personnel

“Both The Norwegian State Housing Bank and BKK has emphasized the supplier’s capacity and the consultants’ competition in the assessment; BKK has especially emphasized the need for senior competency. I think the fact that Omega can offer a wide selection of candidates, network of services, knowledge about the market, and a candidate base with skilled personnel in the field has been crucial for us getting these agreements,” says Løvaas, who together with Department Manager Anita Kraft Sahlgaard leads the work towards the new clients.

Published: 29.02.16