Filter Design & Communication changes name to Omega Design

The new name came into effect on Monday September 3 and Omega Design will continue their business under the new name and Omega profile.

The Omega Design team. From the left (back): Christine Rødne Brataas, Frode Bødtker, Maria Djuve Vågen, Kristian Vedå Skålnes, Astrid Eidhammer Hjelmeland, Marianne Ågotnes. In the front from the left: Irene Landa, Judith Sørhus Litlehamar, Erich Monteiro, and Terje Hodne. 

The team in Omega Design will remain the same as in Filter Design & Communication and they will continue to deliver design and communications services in-house to Omega and to external clients.

Omega Design is located in the Omega building in Ølensvåg (HQ), with branch offices in the municipalities of Suldal and Sauda.

"We recently moved to the same building as Omega in Ølensvåg and with our name change we want to make it clearar who we are, what we offer and what concern we are a part of," says CEO in Omega Design, Astrid Eidhammer Hjelmeland. She emphasizes that the design and communications company are looking forward to continue delivering services within design and communication in-house in Omega and to the market.

"Omega is a known brand and a company with a solid competency within many areas. It is a strength for us to show the market that we are a part of this concern. Since Omega became the majority shareholder in the company in 2015, we have strengthened our competency on IT solutions via Omega to both internal and external clients," says Hjelmeland.

As a subsidiary company in the Omega concern, Omega Design now chooses to show a stronger connection with the parent company. The concern consists of 22 subsidiary companies located on branch offices across the world. The main office lies in Ølensvåg in Vindafjord Municipality. Omega works within a range of sectors such as healthcare, construction, oil and gas, infrastructure and IT.

"Even though Filter now choose to become Omega Design, they will still maintain the services offered to clients in the entire region. By moving into the Omega building they will also come closer to the parent company, something that may trigger closer cooperation across the subsidiary companies in the concern," says Sigmund Lunde, founder in Omega and Chairman in Omega Design.