Omega doubles their space

Published: May 2008

A local marvel of a company. Omega AS in Ølensvåg has this year increased both turnover, the number of employees and the office space.

In the opening speech the proud CEO of Omega in Ølensvåg, Petter Aalvik, underlined that Omega was and will always be a company rooted in the local community. (Photo: Aurelija P. Hustveit)

The Omega corporation does not know of negative numbers in their annual accounts. A 495 million NOK turnover in 2007 and more than 540 employees are the newest numbers from Omega, presented at the opening of the new office building last Thursday. With offices in more central Norwegian sites and abroad, the founders of the company relied on Ølensvåg as the location for their headquarters, to their customers' and international employees' surprise and fascination.

It is quite exotic for our employees in Singapore to see our headquarters right on the water surrounded by splendid nature. They are astonished and very impressed. With a new and expanded headquarters, Omega stands out as a solid and reliable firm that is trusted by their customers, Omega CEO Petter Aalvik said at the official opening of the new office building in Ølensvåg.

Doubled the space

The opening of the new building was arranged as an open day at the Omega offices. On the outside terrace the guests were served cakes and food from the grill. Live piano music by Jan Sverre Frønsdal and rays of the red evening sun created the atmosphere of a cozy outdoor restaurant. Anyone who wanted to have a look at the offices could walk around the building and explore all the new floors. White walls and dark grey doors and floors, parquet upstairs, big windows facing the Ølen fjord and a giant ventilating system will ensure the well-being of the office workers. And Omega employees spend quite a lot of their time in their offices, building manager and welfare responsible at Omega, Arne Gunnar Habbestad could tell us.

The new office building is 750 square meters, while the old one measures 670 square meters. The total area in the new building is now more than 1400 square meters. In addition to the new building, the old part of the building was renovated, and we have built new terraces and outdoor facilities including a fish pond, the building manager tells us while he shows us around.

May be further expanded

The new three-story building on the water was shaped by architect Terje Lunde and carried through by the architects at Omega IAT.

We have plans to expand in the other end of the building as well, but we will not do anything before the development plan for the E134 road is ready, Habbestad concludes.