HSE: Tips for a nice, safe and environmentally friendly midsummer celebration!

Midsummer celebration is a lovely traditional norwegian celebration with bonfires, games, and socializing. Today, bonfires will be burned across the country, especially along the coast.

Most people think about HSE when they apply for permission for a midsummer celebration bonfire, and that you can't burn lunging small boats out of consideration to the environment, no matter what the boats is made of. But there is a lot of other things that should not be burned on the bonfire, and which can be a source of pollution of the ground and air and also give health issues to the people around the bonfire.

 Waterproofed materials emits toxic gasses when burned. The same goes for foam mattresses, furniture, plastic products, building waste, car tires etc. Old furniture and boards are often varnishes; paint and varnish are oil based products which gives off a lot of heat and toxic gasses into the air, water, and ground when burned.

A rule of thumb is that the only things which should be burned on a bonfire are pure wood products. If you are unsure - don't burn it! Instead, deliver the waste to approved landfill.

Here are some simple tips for a safer midsummer celebration for you and your loved ones:

  • Plank remnants have to be carefully checked. Could they be waterproofed?
  • Be considerate to fire hazards and wind conditions.
  • Have extinguishing equipment nearby.
  • Make sure children keep good distance from the fire. Dress them in natural fabrics such as cotton and wool. Plastics are flammable and will melt under heat.
  • The one who burns the bonfire is always in charge of fire safety.
  • It should be an adult, sober person who is responsible for the fire.
  • When you leave the bonfire it must be completely extinguished .

We in Omega wish everyone a nice, safe and environmentally friendly midsummer celebration!