HSE: The dangers of phone charging

Mobile phones, tablets and laptops that are set to charge through the night can quickly become fire hazards due to overheating.

You should always be present and awake when charging small electrical equipment such as mobilephones, PCs, tablets, razors or toothbrushes.

Mobile phones that catch fire emit highly dangerous gases, and if you have your phone by the bedside table or in bed, this may have fatal consequences.

You should therefore always follow these tips: 

  • Only charge electronic equipment when you are awake, and unplug the charger when not charging 
  • Replace the charger if it becomes abnormally warm, or is visibly damaged
  • Do not leave electronic equipment on the couch, bed or other places that can easily catch fire 
  • Turn off all electronic equipment that is put in standby mode, such as the TV
  • Remember to unplug devices such as coffee machines, kettles and toasters when they are not in use

Wishing everyone a safe 2016!