HSE: Electric Christmas lights 

During December, we light millions of Christmas lights and the number grows each year! 

Christmas lights are beautiful, however, with more and more lights, different uses and creative solutions, we encourage all of our employees to be extra cautious in the next few weeks.

Here are some good tips to keep in mind: 

  • Always turn off your Christmas lights at night and when you are not home.
  • Remember to straighten out the cords - extension cords could be a potential fire hazard when they lie tangled and charged.
  • Remember that electric equipment for outside use has to be marked with IP44 or higher.
  • Read the manual, and purchase the correct CE labeled equipment.
  • If you need to change bulbs in your Christmas lighting, always swap the used one with a new one of the same make and brand.

Christmas tree lights
Christmas tree lights are of varying quality, have several different connectors and power outlets, and are comprised of thin wires. A lot of us use the same Christmas tree lights year after year, and only change the lights that no longer work. Before you decorate your tree you should always check to see that your wires are not damaged in any way. Remember to pull out the plug when you turn your lights off and do not use the bulbs as an on/off switch.