Fundraising for Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund 

Join Omega in showing your support to those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Omega is starting a fundraiser and is donating a start contribution of $10 000 to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.  

Of the seven states in the US who were affected by Hurricane Harvey, the storm hit the states of Louisina and Texas the hardest. Photo: 

Omega contributes with $ 10 000 to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and is starting a fundraiser where every contribution from employees will be matched by Omega up to $10 000. The fundraiser starts on September 22. and continues for two weeks until October 6.  

See more information about Hurricane Harvey and the aftermath of the storm on

How can you show your support?     
Total fundraising sum from Omega

  •  $15 500 including Omega's start contribution and company matching

Send an email to Lene Johannessen in the Omega administration with "Harvey" in the subject line, and indicate how much you would like to contribute to the fundraiser. The contribution will be deducted from your next pay check. 

During the campaign the total sum of the contributions will be updated daily in the text box to the right in this article, and on the info screens located on Omega's branch offices. 

Lene Johannessen

phone: (+47) 9369 9207

What is the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund? 

The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund is a relief fund for those affected by the Hurricane Harvey. The Relief Fund was started by the mayor in Houston, Sylvester Turner and County Judge Ed Emmett, after they received an overwhelming number of inquiries from citizens and companies who wanted to help after the storm. The Relief Fund will contribute to finance help services and organizations in the area. Read more about the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund here.  

Omega's office in Houston 

Omega's branch office in Houston was closed during the Harvey storm and opened their doors again on September 5. None of Omega's employees at the Houston office are hurt, but six employees are experiencing flood damages in their houses.  

"We have been present i Houston since 2002, and Houston stands very close to our hearts. I am grateful for Omega's contribution and would like to encourage everyone to take advantage of Omega's matching offer. Every contribution helps and now every contribution has double effect; let us maximize our contribution to those who need it the most in Houston!" says President at Omega's Houston office, Øyvind Vik.