3D construction control 

Omega’s new module for 3D viewing buildings is now launched and has been taken in use by clients such as Statsbygg via the project management tool, Pims365. 

Jan Henrik Høiland Meling together with a project team have worked to create the BIM module. 

“Building information modelling (BIM) makes it possible to navigate in a 3D model of the project. Here one can choose which discipline one wants to focus on and can compare for example electrical components against plumbing to see if they work together,” explains Per Olav Stenberg who has together with Jan Henrik Høiland Meling led the development of the BIM module.

Per Olav Stenberg shows the 3D view of a building in the BIM module.  

The BIM module is an integrated part of Pims365, where one can tie information to either a room or a specific 3D object. When performing document control, documents can be linked to rooms and interior objects in order to easily find for example the user guide for a printer or the warranty for a hospital bed. For teams performing project completion tests and controls, their documentation can be linked to specific rooms, in order to keep track of which rooms have been controlled and not.

“It is also possible to undertake visual checks, for example that a wall has the appropriate thickness or that there are enough foundations around a post. We also retrieve the information from the contractor, which means that when we click on an object in BIM, we can see extensive information about the object. For workers on a contstruction project, this means that they can use the 3D model on the work site – either via mobile or tablet, and see updated models of what they are working on,” Stenberg explains further.

Recently the Norwegian government’s key advisor in construction and property affairs, Statsbygg, started to utilize Omega’s BIM solution on the projects Campus Ås and the new national museum. BIM will be integrated on several ongoing projects at Statsbygg and other clients in the near future.


  • Cloud-based project management tool developed for the construction business 
  • Utilizes technical and commercial data to inform users
  • Is made up of the modules: document control, cost and contract management, status report, systematic completion, HSE/SHA management, project hotrl, risk management, case management, gathering of FDV documentation and BIM
  • The modules can be used alone, but the system works best as a combined solution for project management
  • Is utilized today by clients such as Statsbygg and Sykehusbygg

“The feedback thus far has been good, but there are always a couple of small issues to sort after a launch,” says Stenberg.

Tailored to Pims365

In real Omega spirit, the product has been made from scratch in Omega’s own systems. The module is tailored to suit Pims365 which is made for the construction business.

“We started the developing the module approximately a year ago. That is when we started testing solutions that already were available, but quickly realized that if this was to work we needed to build our own server. I had not worked with 3D models, rendering and this type of mathematics before, so there was a good deal to read up on,” says Meling, and adds that he had some experience from making gaming prototypes that he developed on his free time, and drew benefits of his experience with this on the project.

“A 3D viewer with server was unwandered territory in Omega, and it was therefore harder to find answers to the questions that arose. There have been several new themes to explore compared to previous projects. Still, the main characteristics of a project remain; its important to define what we need, prioritize and find the best solutions to solving the issues,” says Stenberg.

Also on the project team were system developers Paul Wiik, Frederic Dumont, Tomas Dambrauskas, Arthur Nordnes and Aleksander Birkeland. The team has worked across Omega's offices in Stavanger and Oslo.