Engineering services to Suldal Municipality 

Omega Areal will be providing engineering services in maintenance and construction of new schools, sports- , health care- , and municipal facilities in Suldal. 

Omega Areal has entered into a frame agreement with Suldal Municipality. CEO Gisle Heggebø (left) says the agreement with lead to assigment for several employees in Omega Areal's offices in Ølensvåg, Frakkagjerd and Stord;  here represented by Eileen Selland, Terje Lunde, Thorbjørn W. Pedersen, Kjetil Selland and  Ole Konrad Innvær. Photo: Karine Christensen

 The term of the frame agreement is two years and include options for another two years. 

 “The agreement include services in architecture, area planning and engineering consultancy services in several disciplines (see fact box). Additionally, our employees will lead engineering groups in certain projects”, says Omega Areal CEO, Gisle Heggebø. 

Employees from Omega Areal’s offices at Stord, Frakkagjerd and Ølensvåg will be working on the projects in Suldal. The assignments include everything from planning and project execution to operations. 

«In the planning phase we will assist with feasibility studies, sketches, calculation, engineering, tenders and reclamations. We will also work on tenders documents and make sure the projects are planned in accordance with laws and regulations in public procurement. We will also assist with consultant services in the execution of the projects, and support our client where it is natural according to the agreement,” says Heggebø. 

Supported by parent company 

Suldal has emphasized pricing, but also expertise and experience when considering the criteria for awarding the agreement among the candidates. 

«It has also been an advantage having the support of our parent company Omega, giving us access to the concern’s project management tools and electronical communications solutions. One of the client’s requirements was electronic correspondence for everything from planning to billing, and we already have good solutions for this,” Heggebø says. 

 Omega Areal is cooperating with engineering company Aritech at Stord with assignments in technical disciplines.