Supplying personnel to Hydro’s pilot project on Karmøy

Omega will deliver personnel to the Karmøy Pilot – Hydro’s full scale pilot facility for energy and climate efficient aluminum production. The investments on the Karmøy pilot is one of the largest investments in onshore projects outside the oil and gas sector in a decade.

Illustration: Hydro/Multiconsult

Department Manager, Johannes Eide, is happy with the supplier agreement Omega has entered into with Hydro, and is looking forward to deliver personnel to the project.

"Omega has long experience with delivering personnel to projects within the oil and gas industry. In today’s market, it is important to position oneself into other segments, and the supply agreement with Hydro for the Karmøy Pilot is important in regards to this," says Eide.

A door opener for new assignments

On the list of projects where Omega has been involved with personnel and systems are Qatalum, Snøhvit, different Mongstad projects, and many projects on other facilities within the oil and gas sector. Eide emphasizes the value of such a portfolio as it is a door opener for new assignments within land based industry.

Quick facts about the Karmøy Pilot

  • The project has an estimated worth of NOK 3.9 billion
  • In the project a line with 60 electrolyte cells will be built with a new generation of aluminum production
  • The aluminum production hall will have a capacity of 75 000 tonnes a year
  • The total production capacity will increase by 40 percent 

"Broad experience open doors inn to new sectors, also for supplier companies, where we serve other sectors than before. Because of this, we have been in contact with several of the supplier companies for the Karmøy Pilot and have managed to form agreements with two of them. Five of our consultants have so far gotten assignments on the Karmøy Pilot via these companies,” explain Eide.

All categories

While we work a lot with Pims, project management, and project and cost control with companies like Hydro, the demand for engineers within areas such as health, environment, security, and quality (HMSQ), and planning are largest with the supplier companies.

When Omega was searching for the right personnel for positions at the Karmøy Pilot, experience from the building and construction disciplines was a central criterion – all competency within building, construction, roads and infrastructure, concrete, ground, pipes and help systems, steel and material technology. The payoff has been good so far.

”Out of the six first project positions that Hydro posted, we got three people in. Hydro intends to further complete the project team, so we are hoping to get more people on the assignment,” explains Eide, who promises to have the right candidates ready for assignment when the positions open.

Valuable internal cooperation

In addition to the experience Omega has from a number of projects across the world, Eide also emphasizes the cooperation between departments and subsidiary companies in Omega as vital when working to qualify for assignments within land based industry.

«Our daughter company, Omega Areal, has long experience with land based construction projects. They have been good to have for trading experiences and competency. And in many other situations, the Systems Department has been a door opener; clients – including Hydro – have previous experiences with Omega through the use of the project management system, Pims, Eide points out.

Local presence

Omega has always had the goal of having a local presence where clients have their construction projects.

“Both our clients and us in Omega have a focus on utilizing the competency close to us. Local presence to the different projects is important and a determining factor when competing for assignments. Here we have a major benefit when it comes to the assignments on the Karmøy Pilot; there distance is short to our headquarters in Ølensvåg, and we have many skilled and experienced candidates with their home address in short distance to the facility Hydro is building,” says an optimistic Department Manager, Eide.