Focusing on projects

Omega-veteran and consultant, Richard Adams (47) finds inspiration from working with projects, whether they are construction projects at home or larger projects for clients. 

Omega consultant, Richard Adams, enjoys project-based work and has mainly worked on oil-related projects until his current assignment on Bane NOR's railway projects. 

Since he started in Omega in January 2002, Richard has been a part of the Norwegian oil and gas adventure. His current position at Bane NOR as a Mechanical Completion Preparation Specialist working on the Venjar-Langset Project in Eidsvoll, differs greatly from the oil and gas projects he has been involved in before for clients such as Statoil, ConocoPhillips, and Shell.

«It is an interesting change of work environment with new challenges to embark on. Where in oil and gas you would have mechanical completion as a well-known and integrated part of a project with it being a NORSOK standard and all. In other sectors, mechanical completion is a less known term, and we need to go back to the basics and develop a common understanding of the field of mechanical completion to those who will be working with the tools and processes going forward.» He says.

From oil to rail projects

Richard further explains that because there are few established guidelines for mechanical completion in this sector, they are able to lay down the groundwork with establishing processes, procedures and tailor Omega’s Project Information Management System (Pims) to work for the specific project.

«We are learning a lot about rail projects and how they work and trying to take all of this information with us when we further develop Pims Completion Management for the transportation sector. We are also working on getting everyone “on board the train”, and to develop the system together with the client.» Adams elaborates further.

He likes project-based work where he gets to work towards a defined goal and a set end date. And with the end of a project, he usually has a new assignment to embark on:

«Every new project is like starting a new job with new people, a new environment and new challenges. I could not stay at the same place for too long – I need things to change and develop.»  

During his 16 years in Omega, he has only had a break between assignments once. 

«This is the only year that I have had a break between assignments and I chose this myself. I have been lucky to always get an assignment after completing a project.»  

Developing Pims 

With his background in Civil Engineering, and Design and Construction Management, he came into Omega and got introduced to the field of mechanical completion. 

«There is no school for mechanical completion, and I didn’t really know about the field before starting in Omega. I had to learn the discipline; this was an investment for Omega and I have in turn helped improve and develop the tool based on experience with clients and projects.» He would later work with both Pims and as a consultant on assignment for clients, bringing him at the core of Omega’s main services. 

During his time in Omega, he has also had the chance to go on a couple of Advantage teambuilding trips and visited places such as Svalbard, Iceland, St. Petersburg, Paris, Vienna, Budapest. 

«In the early years of Omega, everyone knew each other on the teambuildings. I remember thinking it was interesting going on the Svalbard teambuilding when I really only knew one other person going. However, this turned out to be one of the most amazing teambuildings I have been to. In fact we are planning to go back there with a group of friends in the near future. The great thing with Advantage is that some of the trips are to places you’ve always wanted to visit, but never had the chance to plan for yourself; with Omega, we get a fully planned trip to go and when you combine that with the fact that you get to stay at five-star hotels, eat great food and meet great people it turns out to be a super good scheme.»

Endless Vestland winds

When he is not at work with Bane Nor in Oslo he is at home on Karmøy in Rogaland working on home-based projects. His latest project involving building a sheltered terrace area in the backyard to protect against what he calls "the endless Vestland winds".

«I don’t have much time after family and house demands, but when I do get free time I like to swim, run and cycle having done Haugesund Sprint Triathlon and Karmøy Half Marathon. I also like skiing and snowboarding, but the body isn’t too happy about that anymore.» laughs Adams.