Omega Areal has secured frame agreements with Helse Fonna

Omega Areal’s CEO, Gisle Heggebø, signed two new and exclusive frame agreements with Norwegian hospital service provider, Helse Fonna, at the end of 2015. For the next two years, Omega Areal will deliver architectural services and engineering consultancy services within building technology for the public healthcare provider.

CEO in Omega Areal, Gisle Heggebø (left) and Department Manager for Ølensvåg, Frode Eike. 

“The agreements also include options for extend the agreements for up to two years – one plus one,” says Heggebø.

The framework agreements will cover Helse Fonna’s continuing need for services within these fields. Omega Areal was chosen as their only supplier and the services will be provided to all of Helsa Fonna’s projects regarding the remodeling and modification of buildings in Haugesund, Stord, Odda and Kvinnherad (Valen), in Norway.

“We are already underway with three projects; two in Haugesund and one at Stord. In addition, we have been made aware of the possibility of a new project at Valen,” Heggebø tells us.

One to two years’ work

“It is difficult to predict how much these contracts will mean for us, but based on Helsa Fonna’s current plans, the next years could see remodeling and modifications of existing buildings to the value of 40-50 million NOK. The magnitude is dependent on state funding, Helse Fonna’s economy, investments and the planned levels of activity. Our services may constitute one or two years’ work,” suggests Heggebø.

For the last three years, Helse Fonna has purchased around 1200 hours within both of the fields that are now addressed by their contracts with Omega Areal.

Heggebø believes that Omega Areal’s local presence, with offices within short distances of all of the health company’s locations, along with the team’s competence and experience, were important factors leading Helse Fonna to choose Omega Areal for these frame agreements.

Every office included

“We believe that personnel from several of our offices will be involved, but we are flexible in relation to each and every employee’s capacity and competency. Helse Fonna is undoubtedly a great reference for us to have for future assignments and we will prioritize work tied to these framework agreements,” says Heggebø, who is hoping these assignments will pave the way for further services, which are currently not covered by the agreements.

In regard to larger building projects and individual undertakings where the total honoraria exceeds the national threshold value of 500 000 NOK, Helse Fonna can choose if they want to assign the job to a frame agreement actor or approach the market for these services.

“It will, in other words, be important to deliver the goods, hopefully even better than is expected of us," says a motivated Omega Areal CEO.