Omega enters into Statoil frame agreement for IT Personnel 

The frame agreement takes effect on 1 September. Omega will deliver IT resources for needs not already covered by existing agreements. 

"Statoil has been one of our most important clients, and this is a very important agreement to us", says Omega CEO, Petter Aalvik.

The agreement includes 17 different IT disciplines such as Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Technology and Services, Internet of Things, IT application, development and support, IT advisory and Project management. Omega is one of three suppliers that was awarded the frame agreement.

Omega cooperates with leading suppliers of specialized expertise which covers the entire specter of disciplines. This cooperation includes KnowIT, CombiTech, Affecto and CentPro. 

“This agreement is important to us”, says Omega CEO, Petter Aalvik. 

“From the very beginning, Statoil has been one of our most important clients, and this agreement represents a new dimension in our cooperation. It comes at a time when we are experiencing strong growth in software development and consultant services. We have hired more than 100 new employees this last year, and we expect this number to be doubled by the end of the year.” 

Today, Omega has more than 1000 employees on assignment for clients worldwide. The company delivers the project management tool Pims, and consultancy services for clients in the oil and gas industry. In recent years, Omega has also focused on the construction, transportation, and IT industries.