Building a new center of IT expertise

Based on 25 years’ experience from system development of project management systems, Omega takes a new step into the IT industry. Now, Omega is building its own center of IT expertise.

«We are looking for new employees who are hungry for challenges in IT and who wants to develop themselves with Omega as we expand in the IT market. We will develop our center of IT expertise to become a central part of Omega,” says department managers Jan Christian Brataas and Arvid Grønvoll in Omega.

Department managers in Omega Jan Christian Brataas and Arvid Grønvoll are spearheading Omegas new IT-services center.

Since 1992 Omega has been a leading supplier of project management system Pims, mainly for the oil and gas industry. In recent years Omega has also gotten a larger market share in the transportation and construction industries. Today, Omega has more than 1000 employees on assignment for both national and international companies worldwide. 

Based on this experience, Omega is now developing IT services as its own area of expertise for client sectors in need of IT competence. 

«We have many consultants with solid IT expertise and experience. They are currently working on Pims development, engineering, information and communication technology, project management, and subsea and marine operations. Now, we are expanding our IT expertise with services such as cloud technology and services, security, analytics, project management and programming,” says Brataas. 

A selection of Omega’s current clients.

The new IT services are initially focused on a wide range of sectors in Norway. Omega was recently awarded a frame agreement with Statoil and will deliver IT services to Statoil’s projects in Norway. 

«The Statoil agreement is a confirmation that Omega is able to deliver leading IT expertise to large and complex projects. The agreement was an important step for us and a springboard in to the IT market,” Brataas says. Omega is currently stepping up the recruitment and is looking to hire IT employees with experience in a wide range of IT disciplines. 

“We want employees who are genuinely interested in using new technology to develop good solutions for our clients. In Omega we have always had a culture for developing new solutions and giving our employees the opportunity to develop their own ideas,” says Brataas. 

“We are looking for resources that are familiar with cloud technology and services, security, analytics, Internet of Things, project management and programming.” Could this be something for you? In that case, we would like to hear from you!

Omega IT Services

Cloud Technology

  • Cloud based services, applications and APIs with high accessibility and scalability 
  • Develop globally distributed database solutions 
  • Infrastructure administration

Project management and Consulting

  • Securing clients' strategic goals using  IT strategies 
  • Adding value by IT management  
  • Developing IT architecture for the future 

Business Intelligence and Analytics 

  • Building and administrating analytics solutions 
  • IoT-unit data processing 
  • Digital business development 


  • Develop and operate mission critical Windows and Web applications
  • DevOps optimized development environments 
  • Develop Microsoft SQL relations database