New Omega building for Christmas

In a few weeks, construction work will start at Omega headquarters in Ølensvåg, where a new, three-storey building will be erected in time for Christmas.

There will be a total of 60 new office spaces in the new Omega building, which will be built on the tennis court. Illustration: Omega Areal

The first floor of Omega's neighboring Medvind building has, until now, been shared by Omega’s Systems Department and Medvind Næringshage (Business Development Center); the building is now cramped for space. The Systems Department outgrew the existing Omega building and moved into Medvind Business Development Center in 2014.

Over the past few years, several companies have moved into the Business Development Center, and even more companies are now interested in joining this environment.

- Both Omega and the Medvind Business Development Center need more space. We have been ready to start construction on the tennis court for some time, and we aim to start in a few weeks. In anticipation of the new building, the Omega Department that was using the offices in the Business Development Center has now moved to offices in the existing Omega building,” says Arne Gunnar Habbestad, Business Developer in Medvind Business Development Center.

Larger headquarters

The new building will be built on the tennis court, as an extension to the Omega building. The extension will span 880 square meters over three floors and accommodate a total of 60 office spaces.

Omega has 90 employees working at the headquarters in Ølensvåg, including the company’s administration and large parts of the Systems and Consultants Departments. Along with the main office in Ølensvåg, Omega currently has regional offices in Houston, Calgary, Newfoundland, Klaipeda, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Norwegian offices in Stavanger, Bergen, Kristiansund and Oslo.