Delivering personnel and software

Department Manager in Ølensvåg, Ståle Håheim has close to 20 years’ experience with delivering personnel and software from Omega. He can clearly see the synergies across Omega’s main services.

«In Omega, we have always seen the value of being able to deliver the project management tool Pims, skilled system developers and project personnel to our clients. This enables us to find good solutions going forward, and drive projects of all sizes efficiently,» explains Håheim.

Håheim started in Omega in 1998 as a newly graduated system developer and was ready to take on the work assignments at Omega’s office in Stavanger. This was when Omega counted 60 employees across the entire company. Early on, he got to work with delivery and integration of Pims at Statoil, which at the time, was Omega’s largest client. 

«This was the early start in Omega, and we had started to build our team in the software department. The project personnel department was well on their way with establishing a strong network and gather teams to projects,» says Håheim.

After some time, Håheim got the task of traveling to clients and follow-up on their use of Pims. He was on several locations in Norway, but also traveled to countries such as the Slovak Republic, USA, Kuala Lumpur, Japan and Saudi Arabia. Håheim has always known that he needed to get out of the office to build his network and meet new clients and companies that Omega could cooperate with.

«There was a lot of traveling during this time, and I am happy that I got the chance to take part in so many exciting projects. However, this would not have been possible without the support from my family. Early on I understood that one of the most important things I do at work is to get out of the office to meet people where they are.»

Håheim was in USA for a period in 2002, and got to experience and partake in the start of Omega’s department office in Houston. For some time he also worked in Lafayette, Louisiana. Later on he moved back to the States, this time with his whole family, and spent six years in Houston before he moved back to Norway in 2014. After his time as an expat in USA, he decided to start working with personnel at Omega’s headquarters in Ølensvåg.

«I still worked with bringing Pims to our clients, but started to see the possibilities within project personnel. The combination of project management systems and project personnel is at the core of Omega’s business; we have skilled people who know the Pims system, and these are people who also see solutions and possibilities while working with the clients. We have seen a lot of synergies by being able to offer these services to clients within oil and gas,» says Håheim further.

From Omega's headquarters in Ølensvåg, Department Manager Ståle Håheim works with delivering project personnel and software systems to the sectors oil and gas, health, energy, and construction.

In 2014 the oil sector met the economic downfall that has characterized the sector since, and Håheim and the other department mangers in Omega had to look to other markets for new possibilities.

«We constantly have to adjust to the conditions in the market, and I knew that I had to get out and meet as many new people as possible to be able to offer the right personnel to our clients. I got to meet potential clients and consultants and built my department for two years during difficult market conditions.»

After spending several periods abroad, Håheim already had a wide network in Norway and other countries. Håheim has since 2014 commuted to the countries in Scandinavia and frequently visits Sweden and Denmark.

As Håheim built his department in Ølensvåg, he continued the Pims projects he was already involved in in the sectors oil and gas, health, and energy. He therefore remained in the intersection between delivering project personnel and software systems from Omega, which is something he still does today.

«I still work with the integration of Pims with smaller oil and gas operators and other sectors. Recently, I have been a part of focusing our recruitment and delivery of personnel to the construction sector, which is becoming an increasingly active area,» says Håheim.