Pims365 in use by Statsbygg

In February last year, Statsbygg started using Omega's system for systematic completion on two large pilot projects; Prosjekt Nytt Nasjonalmuseum (PNN) and Campus Aas. The system is now implemented on the projects and new system areas are adapted to the construction sector with Pims365. 


  • Cloud-based tool for project support in the construction industry 
  • Driving progress on critical phases in the project by notifying users and providing information
  • Utilizes both technical and commercial data as basis for structured information to the users 
  • Modular structure which allows for easy integration with external systems 
  • Seamless BIM integration (Building Information Model)
  • Includes the modules: Risk and quality, Document Control and  FDV, Contracts and Cost Control, HSE, BIM, Completion Management, Status reporting, Case handling, and project hotel       
  • Built on experiences and competency from the oil and gas sector, and adapted to completion management for the construction sector. 

"Many project areas are now in place in the system, but some areas still need some adjustment," says Department Manager at Omega's Oslo office, Roger Arnesen.  

In December, Omega passed Statsbygg's acceptance test with Pims365, which means that the company has delivered all parts of the system with a satisfactory quality. 

"We are happy with the project of implementing Pims365 at Statsbygg, and are pleased to see that our client thinks that our delivery is solid. It is great to contribute to the digitization within the construction sector, which has resulted in the products we now offer via Pims365 for the building industry," explains Arnesen further. 

In the delivery to Statsbygg, Omega has strengthened the areas for FDV documentation (documentation for management, operations, and maintenance), and the RUH (report an unwanted incident) function. These areas demand other approaches in the construction industry than in oil and gas.

"This fall, we worked with expanding and adjusting the RUH fuction on PNN, and the function is now fully implemented in Pims365," says Arnesen. 

"Now we continue to work on enriching the BIM function by connecting drawings and FDV documentation with the digital model of the buildings. We also work continually with the development and follow-up of the system as it is now," says Arnesen. 

Pims365, which is Omega's newly developed project-support tool for the construction sector, is based on the competency from over 20 years within the oil and gas sector and utilized to make construction projects more efficient. Systematic completion is a methodological approach that ensures a quality-assured testing phase and handover from the construction company to the builder.  

"This is an exciting project where we use the existing practice within construction, and tie it up to our knowledge from the oil and gas sector. We have made an extra effort on the FDV documentation since this is an area tied to the construction sector," explains Arnesen.

Statsbygg also utilizes Omega's HMSREG system, which is developed to combat work related crime and social dumping. 

After a trial period, the system will be used on all of Statsbygg's construction sites. In addition, the system will be used for following up on maintenance tasks, and smaller projects that are managed through frame agreements on Statsbygg's estates. 

Omega's office in Oslo is now the main office for the company's focus on the construction sector, and ensures deliveries within the sector. In Oslo they are available for clients within a broad range of clients in the construction industry.  

"We are experiencing great interest around Pims365 from other companies in the sector. Going forward, there is a lot to do and maintain, and we are starting to see the need for adding to our team. Now we see an increasing need for new employees within system development," says Arnesen.