Winter has arrived in Norway and, for Omega’s many employees in the Far North, the nights are getting darker and visibility on the roads becomes more challenging. Long, dark stretches of road become even more dangerous and none of us are luminescent. High visibility vests and reflectors are therefore essential if you are heading out into the dark.

Most of us make sure that our children and grandchildren are equipped with reflective vests and reflectors when they go outside. However, it is normally adults that go outside in the dark and we often forget to equip ourselves.

And adults are no more luminescent than children.

“Even in well-lit areas and on stretches of road with streetlights, it is difficult for motorists to see other road users unless they are wearing reflectors,” says Siv Iren Børve from Omega’s Service Center. She encourages everyone to have plenty of reflectors available. “We have equipped all of our Norwegian offices with reflective vests and slap wraps for our team members. If you need new, or more, reflectors, we would be happy if you paid us a visit”, Børve says.

Tips for using reflectors

  • Make sure you have reflectors available in outer pockets, cars, on bikes and in bags at all times
  • Remember that scratches and tears will weaken reflective abilities, so make sure you source new reflective vests if older vests look worn out
  • Note that reflective vests also become weaker when cleaned

Did you know?

  • Around 40 percent of all pedestrian accidents happen when it is dark?
  • Only two out of 10 adults use reflectors when they are out in the dark?
  • Approximately 1000 pedestrians are injured every year and only 5 percent of them have used reflectors?
  • You are required to use reflectors on your bike?
  • Without reflectors you will not be visible to a motorist until he/she is approximately 25-30 meters away?
  • Using reflectors, you will be visible to a motorist at a distance of 140 meters, if they are using low beam?
  • ...and 400 meters if they are using high beam?

(Source: The Norwegian Council for Road Safety)