Omega delivering personnel on Kvitfjell

In November, the Norwegian contracting company, Risa, started the construction of the largest windmill park in Northern Norway, the Kvitfjell windmill park in Tromsø. With them on the job they have consultants from Omega.

Photo: Risa as

«The project is planned to be completed in November 2019, and projects with this kind of length are a luxury in today’s market,” says Department Manager, Johannes Eide in Omega’s consultancy services company, Omega CS.

The area under development is part of the “Norlicht” project, a windmill park on the two neighboring mountains Kvitfjell and Raudfjell. When completed the windmill park will provide approximately 50 000 households with power. The project is one of the largest single-hand contracts in Risa’s history. The total development cost has a value of 450 million NOK.

In January, four Omega consultants were on assignment for Risa on Kvitfjell.

«Our consultants contribute with competency in the fields of electrical power, planning, document control, and HSE. At this time, we do not know how big the scope of our deliveries for this job will be, but we hope and believe that we will contribute with even more consultants in the time to come,” explains Eide.

Omega has delivered consultancy sercives to Risa since 2016, and the Kvitfjell project is the largest Risa project where Omega has delivered services.

Delivering consultants for the construction of of windmill projects is, however, a slightly new area for Omega.

«We have had smaller single-deliveries to projects within wind power, but never in the such a scope as on the project on Kvitfjell. This is one of the areas where we see opportunities to deliver more of Omega’s competency. From traditionally delivering mainly to clients within oil and gas, we have for the past couple of years gained a foothold within several other sectors. Of these we see a potential within wind power in the years to come,” says Eide.

The German company, Prime Capital as, awarded Risa the total enterprise contract in October 2017, which entails the phases of engineering and construction of infrastructure for the windmill park, two transformer stations, a switch station, service and storage building, 67 turbine foundations, 33/132kW internal cable network, upgrade of six kilometers access road from Sørfjorden, and harbor in Nordfjordbotn for receiving turbine components.