Going international

Johan Bengtsson is fascinated by the pharma industry, which he thinks will grow big in the future. He dreams of working in large international projects when his time as consultant in Copenhagen is over.

Johan has a master in system science from Lunds University in Sweden. After school he spent some time in Houston and worked at Swedish American Chamber of Commerce.

Omega consultant  Johan Bengtsson is now on assignment for pharma company NNE in Denmark.  

"It was through a friend that worked in ConocoPhillips that I came in contact with Omega and the people that worked with Pims. They enouraged me to apply for a job in Bonn in Germany via Omega. I applied and traveled to Porsgrunn for an interview and got the job,” says Johan who has worked 15 years in Omega. Now he lives in Helsingborg in Sweden with his cohabitant and their two children who are 6 and 9 years old. Although the weekdays are busy he prioritizes time to follow-up on the children’s activities, whether it is ice hockey or European hand ball. 

“In addition, we like to travel together when we have time off,” Bengtsson adds.

After six weeks with training at Omega's headquarters in Ølensvåg, Johan worked 3,5 years in Bonn. His next assignment was as a consultant in Oslo with positions in Statkraft and Aker, before he returned to Houston, only this time on assignment for Aker.

"When we got our first client in Denmark I jumped on the opportunity and started in DONG Energy in Copenhagen. It was June 2008, and I have been in Omega Denmark since then. In between I was a short trip to Singapore for REC when they built their factory there.” Approximately four years ago he switched to the pharama industry and started on a Pims implementation project at Novo Nordisk. Here he worked with classical Pims modules such as cost, contract, change management and risk.

"Last year I started at NNE, previously known as Novo Nordisk Engineering, a supply company within pharma buildings, and worked with building and implementing Pims for their use. The focus has been on cost and status reporting,” Johan explains.

NNE specializes in pharma engineering and aid  pharmaceutical companies bring products to market by providing flexible solutions.

Johan thinks the pharma industry is exciting and will grow quickly in the future.

"And it is an industry with complex challenges and big investment plans for the next years. It is an industry that will grow big over the next years.”

"What do you dream of in the future?”

"I dream about being a part of a larger international project, and to experience the international environment after I am done with the deliveries in the NNE project,” says Johan.

"Even though I am the only consultant from Omega working at NNE in Copenhagen, and do not have colleagues in close proximity, I still feel that I have good contact with my colleagues in Norway.”