Statsbygg digitize with tools from Omega

As Omega enters the construction sector, the construction sector is looking into digitization. During 2017, Statsbygg will utilize digital tools from Omega on two of their largest construction projects.

From the left: Roger Arnesen, Department Manager in Omega PS in Oslo, Jon Morten Mo, Lead Engineer for Nasjonalmuseet in Statsbygg, Svein Tore Haraldseid, CEO in Omega PS, Synnøve Lyssand Sandberg, Construction Manager in Statsbygg, Erik Antonsen, Project Manager for Campus ÅS in Statsbygg, Trond Mosleth, Manager for Completion group in Statsbygg, Patrick Stormo Hjerpseth, budget and performance management in Statsbygg.

Statsbygg will use Omega’s system, Pims CMS (Completion Management System), a digital tool for systematic completion. Systematic completion is a methodology which ensures the quality-assured testing and handover of a building from the entrepreneur to the Construction Manager.

“Omega has provided digital tools for systematic completion to leading companies within the oil and gas industry for 30 years, and we are now ready to utilize this competency in a new sector. Statsbygg is leading the way in terms of digitization in the construction sector and it is a milestone for Omega to have the opportunity to utilize our expertise here,” says Manager of systems in Omega, Svein Tore Haraldseid.

- Forming the future of the construction and property industry

During 2017, Statsbygg will use Pims CMS on two large, pilot projects: the building of The New National Museum and of Campus Ås. Campus Ås is the largest expansion project ever undertaken in the Norwegian university sector; the project will take place over a total area of 74 800 square meters.

“Omega has traditionally has provided systems to the oil and gas industry, but the principles of project management remain the same in construction. We now have the opportunity to gain experience from the construction sector, together with one of the largest members of the sector,” says Haraldseid.

Statsbygg work systematically to deliver buildings that function from the moment they are set in use and are now looking forward to utilizing Omega’s experience from the oil and gas industry.

“We are happy to be able to transfer competency from the oil industry with the aid of digital tools. This will contribute to forming the future of the construction and property industry,” says Synnøve Lyssand Sandberg in Statsbygg.

Always prepared

Systematic completion has been a standard practice in the oil and gas industry for several decades and now Omega’s system is being adapted for use in the construction sector. Pims CMS contributes to securing quality and structure in the delivery from construction to operations, whilst also ensuring that projects adhere to plans and budgets.

“By using Pims CMS, the entrepreneur will always be prepared and can, on an on-going basis, quickly sort out what may be missing on a building. In this way, they save resources, time, and money, by avoiding having to fix errors after handover,” explains Haraldseid.

In addition to Pims CMS, Omega will provide a BIM (Building Information Modeling) module. By utilizing handheld mobile devices, BIM makes it possible to move through the building digitally while it is under construction. The BIM module is delivered by the Catenda company, and the module will be seamlessly integrated into the Pims CMS system.

“The Construction Manager can see the building from the inside on a tablet and follow up areas that are to be handed over. This becomes a platform for cooperation where the entrepreneur and Construction Managers can communicate and cooperate,” explains Haraldseid.