Statsbygg strengthening work for a trustworthy construction sector

Statsbygg has entered into a contract with Omega AS. The IT system, HMSREG, will strengthen their work to ensure a more serious construction sector. 

Press release from, published November 21 2017

Photo: from the left Lene Kristine Franing, Manager for the project at Statsbygg, Department Manager in Omega PS, Jan Christian Brataas, Department Director in Statsbygg, Tanja H. Dugstad, Solution Manager for HMSREG, Arne Myskja. 

The IT system HMSREG has drawn a significant amount of interest in the construction sector. The system helps construction managers and contractors followup on requirements surrounding suppliers. The system gives contractors the opportunity to enter the system to update lists of crew and follow up employees in relation to HSE cards, competency, etc. 

The system helps to fill requirements in the construction regulations about keeping an electronic overview of everyone working at the construction site, and will make Statsbygg's work with approving contractors, based on established criteria in the projects easier. 

"We have big expectations that HMSREG will make our work towards a more trustworthy construction sector more efficient," says Department Director, Tanja H. Dugstad. "This tool gives us better overview over our projects. In cooperation with the contractors we create a more serious and sustainable construction sector." 

Statsbygg will test the system on a few projects at first, before HMSREG will be taken in use on all construction sites. The system is also meant to be used to follow up maintenance work and smaller projects that are managed through frame agreements on Statsbygg's property.  

"In Omega we are happy and proud to be chosen by Statsbygg," says Department Manager in Omega PS, Jan Christian Brataas. "Together with other companies in the industry and IT suppliers, we will work to create solutions that make projects more efficient and strengthen the work for a more trustworthy construction sector. Being a honest and trustworthy company will pay off."