Preparing for onshore deliveries

Omega’s subsidiary company, Omega Subsea, has experienced an increase in delivery of offshore personnel in 2017 and 2018. Now the company is preparing for expanding the deliveries within onshore subsea personnel. 


"We are developing a large span within onshore personnel and will continue to work on aquiring new resources to onshore assignments," says Business Developer in Omega Subsea, Jermund Kleppe.

Business Developer in Omega Subsea, Jermund Kleppe, thinks that the delivery of onshore subsea personnel can measure up to the deliveries to the offshore subsea market. 

Kleppe is running Omega Subsea's project to prepare for onshore deliveries and will tailor the company’s competency towards specific fields within the onshore subsea segment. Omega Subsea will be ready to deliver more personnel to the onshore segment by spring 2019. The onshore subsea segment will need everything from risers specialists and cable installers to technical personnel planning installations beneath the surface.

The right competency to the right client

Omega Subsea has a large network and a solid database with many qualified workers. They will now start the work with evaluating what expertise Omega Subsea has available to be able to offer a best possible match to clients needing consultants for onshore subsea assignments.

"After many years in the industry we have knowledge about the internal methodology at our clients, and we are able to evaluate how our consultans will fit with the client. We are able to discuss the discipline with the operative part of the supplier side, and this in turn makes us able to get the right consultants on assignment," says Kleppe.

Big potential

In the future, Kleppe thinks the delivery of onshore personnel can measure up to the deliveries to the offshore market.

"The delivery of onshore personnel has an equally large potential as the offshore part, but it takes longer time to build up. Offshore, where we today are the largest supplier within our segment on the Norwegian continental shelf, we deliver larger volumes at the time than onshore. In time the deliveries toward onshore personnel might become significant,” he explains.

Increased activity

In 2018 Omega Subsea sent approximately 150 consultants on assignment, which was a significant increase from the previous year with 90 consultants. Targeted work to ensure agreements and entering into new agreements in 2017 and 2018 has ensured the activity Omega Subsea is now experiencing and expects to see the coming year.

"Our cooperation and synergy effects with Omega, combined with our established network, has enabled us to take larger market shares within our segment. We have actively used our network the past years and built solid relations and attracted highly competent consultants. Now we can see the fruits of our labor, which has materialized in jobs and assignments," says CEO in Omega Subsea, Trond Berge.