Sykehusbygg and Veidekke are testing new tools in the struggle for a more serious construction industry

On behalf of Sykehusbygg HF, Veidekke Entreprenør is well underway with the construction of a new psychiatry building for Helse Nord-Trøndelag, Levanger Hospital. Sykehusbygg and Veidekke will in this project try out a new tool to ensure good follow-up of all suppliers in the project.

Article from, published 15. august 2017

Today an information meeting was held about the new tool where both the Labor Inspectorate, the Tax Administration and the A-crime center were present.

District Manager in Veidekke Entreprenør Trøndelag, Ståle Brovold, is all for the solution.

Veidekke has long been a driving force for a more serious construction industry. When Sykehusbygg contacted us and asked us to use the tool during our delivery in Levanger, we were of course very positive about it.

The tool was developed by the IT company Omega on the initiative of the Oslo municipality, and allows the developer and contractor to follow and approve suppliers and employees involved in the various projects at any time. It also makes it possible to follow up supplier requirements regarding the use of skilled workers, apprenticeships and limitation of the number of links in the supply chains. In addition, it is easy to document control with suppliers and employees at the construction sites.

– Veidekke already has the system for testing in several projects in Eastern Norway after they have adapted the solution for the contractors together with Omega. The experience is so far very positive from other Veidekke projects. Now we want to continue with the good work already done, "says Brovold.

Only wants serious suppliers

Sykehusbygg HF sees great potential in the tool. Researcher Jens Eirik Ramstad in Sykehusbygg HF, said that such a tool could be an important aid for overseeing construction sites.

– Sykehusbygg will provide efficient, high-quality projects. Then it is important that we know that those who work on our projects are serious suppliers who follow Norwegian laws and regulations. HMSREG can be an important tool for selecting good and serious suppliers, following up requirements, as well as contributing to healthy competition and positive development in the industry.

Psykiatriløftet Levanger will, after opening, contain new offers in drug treatment, eating disorders, age psychiatry and emergency treatment. The new building is expected to be completed and ready for use in September 2018.