Two more years with Jernbaneverket 

Jernbaneverket (The Norwegian National Rail Authority) has extended its existing frame agreement with Omega; this extension will bring with it new assignments for Omega consultants on all of Jernbaneverket’s infrastructure projects in Norway. 

Published: 08 February 2016

Omega was awarded the original frame agreement with The Norwegian National Rail Authority, Jernbaneverket, in 2011. 

Jernbaneverket has now renewed its trust in Omega by extending the agreement by two years with an option of an additional two years. The agreement was signed on 21 January this year. 

“We have many experienced and skilled consultants that can contribute their expertise to Jernbaneverket’s projects. The positive work our team has done so far has lead Jernbaneverket to choose to continue working with us. This agreement is also the result of our good cooperation up to this point. Over the past few years, we have gotten to know this client well and we have learned the unique needs and requirements their projects have. We are looking forward to continuing to build on this cooperation. We are only just getting started,” says Omega Project Consultants Manager, Arvid Grønvoll.

"We have had a good cooperation with Jernbaneverket up to this point, and have gotten to learn their needs for each projects. We are happy to get to work with them for another two years, says Consultant Managers i Oslo, Gunn Tollefsen and Arvid Grønvoll.

Construction projects all over Norway 

The frame agreement includes the delivery of personnel across several disciplines on all of Jernbaneverket’s projects, all over Norway. Omega consultants will provide services in project management, including progress planning and management, budgeting, cost control, document management and recourse planning. 

“Until now we have had assignments on the development of Follobanen between Oslo and Ski, which we will continue to work on following this extension to the agreement. We also hope to use our expertise on many of their other billion NOK projects that are now on their way, such as the InterCity project,” Grønvoll says. 

The InterCity development project is one of Jernbaneverket’s largest projects, covering a railroad network in a large part South-Eastern Norway, between Oslo and Hamar, Tønsberg and Fredrikstad, Lillehammer, Skien and Halden. The project is planned to be completed in 2030. 

Jernbaneverket also have several larger projects currently under development, including Vestfoldbanen, Dovrebanen, Nordlandsbanen and the new railway between Bergen and Arna. 

A new step into a new industry 

Since 2013, Jernbaneverket has utilized Omega’s project Management tool Pims Completion Management on the Follobanen project. According to Grønvoll, the use of Omega systems with the same client has had a positive effect for the project consultant department. 

“We have received a lot of great feedback regarding Pims from Jernbaneverket. We have cooperated with the systems department on this agreement and, when they do such a good job, it provides a solid foundation for project consultants as well,” he says. 

Grønvoll would also like to extend his thanks to the nine consultants that offered their expertise in connection with the tender process attached to this agreement. “Having them represent Omega’s expertise in this process was crucial in achieving this result,” Grønvoll says. 

Over the past years, Omega has made an effort to expand its client portfolio from services mainly to associated to oil and gas, to also include clients in the public sector, heathcare and transportation. 

“The agreement with Jernbaneverket is a great example of our progression into additional sectors to oil and gas, which has been our largest market until now. This agreement also shows that more clients are beginning to demand consultants with experience and expertise from the oil and gas sector,” Grønvoll says.