Developing system to prevent work-related crime for Oslo municipality 

Omega's (l-r) Project Manager, Sigmund Lunde, Supplier Representative, Roger Arnesen, and System Developer, Peter Øren, are leading the project to create a system to prevent work-related crime for Oslo Municipality.

Omega has offered its services to the public sector and is now developing a system to prevent work-related crime and social dumping for Oslo municipality. 

By the end of 2017, all employees in Oslo Municipality’s construction industry will be required to register HSE cards on arrival and departure from the workplace. The cards will be scanned and the associated information sent electronically to a central register in the municipality. The system will contribute to the prevention of work-related crime and social dumping. 

“We are talking about 2000 to 10000 registrations daily. Currently, there is no system that manages registrations between builders and a central register. This is therefore a very important reference project for us and a big step forward for Omega in regard to the public sector,” says Omega’s Project Manager, Sigmund Lunde. 


Omega was awarded the assignment by Oslo municipality in June and development of the system, which will be utilized from early 2017, is already well underway. A central crew registry is now implemented on all public construction sites in order to maintain an improved overview of the employees on the site. 

Developing a system to meet the new requirements for electronic registration is pioneering work for Omega. 

“This system is not an off-the-shelf product and must be tailor-made for the client. Primarily, we are concentrating on developing a system that meets the demands of Oslo Municipality. At the same time, we see that this can be a product that can be of interest to other clients in the future,” Lunde says. 

Oslo Municipality is one of Omega’s largest clients in the public sector. 

“Oslo Municipality is one of the largest purchasers in Norway, with more than 40 000 employees and many requirements. This assignment is strategically important for us and we believe this can open doors in the public sector. A business as large as this is very interesting for us and the public sector is a prudent way to go for Omega. This is a good step forward,” says Lunde. 

Uses experience from the oil industry 

“Developing a system like this requires a great deal of focus on privacy, expertise in laws concerning the working environment, as well as knowledge regarding data protection; we have had to acquire a great deal of knowledge in these areas for this job,” Lunde says. 

Omega, which has traditionally provided project management systems and consultant services largely to the oil and energy industries, has used much of their experience and knowledge from the oil industry to meet the challenges of this assignment. 

“Our experience from the oil and energy sectors was an advantage when taking on this assignment. The oil industry has had a lot of focus on the use of foreign labor and social dumping. These were familiar areas for us in taking on the job for Oslo. Additionally, we have utilized a great deal of Omega Areal’s expertise from the construction industry,” Lunde concludes.